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Our Story

Newthentic is esteemed branch of new blossom cosmetic clinic , dedicated to manufacturing of skin care products which are all sulfate and paraben free. New blossom has been a well known brand established in chandigarh from last 11 years or since 2010 having specialization in all cosmetic care for both males and females. We are determined to formulate our products which are skin friendly and suit all skin types. So no harsh chemicals are used in manufacturing keeping the safety of our clients at first priority.

-By Dr. Nidhi

In my practice of ten years in pure cosmetology and expertise in laser technology, I have been seeing lot skin sensitivities and reactions to normal products whichever are available over the counter. But in my opinion every skin has different behavior so accordingly we have come up with few products which will suit all skin types. When it comes to hydration or nourishment, one has to be very particular about the composition and all the ingredients which are being used.

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Our Product Values

New Website Product 2

Able Sun Mattifying Tinted Sunscreen

  • Sunscreen with little tint which protects your skin from UV rays and also other harmful chemicals and pollutants.
  • Recommended for all skin types.
  • Use nice moisturizer before applying this.
  • Twice application is advisable for proper protection.
New BlossomProduct 1

Heal & Nourish Skin Whitening Cream

  • This is nourishing cream carrying vitamin c and other antioxidants.
  • Suitable for all skin types and best for sensitive skin.
  • This improves the skin tone & also helps in lightening of blemishes & fine lines.
  • It rejuvenates the skin overnite & keep the skin glowing and pampered in the day.
  • Can be used in all age groups.
New Website Product 3

Acne Calm for Oil Free Moisturiser

  • Skin becomes very irritable with the use of anti acne gels and heavy antibiotics so this will give relief and will soothe the skin, helping further in curing redness and inflammation.
  • This is used in oily and sensitive skin to keep it well hydrated & nourished.
  • This is all sulfate and paraben free.
  • Highly recommended for sensitive and acne-prone skin.
New Blossom Website Product 4

Shine n Moist for Normal Moisturiser

  • As this carries Chia seeds oil, cocoa butter and Shea butter so in any harsh conditions like whether we are facing internal stress or external factors like dust pollution extra, this will protect the skin from all the damages.
  • It is just like a normal nourishment for yhe skin, suitable for all age groups.



Press the pump as per uses


Apply in dots over a clean and moisturised face and neck.


Massage gently and blend it well.


Embrace the sun with a smile.

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What Our Customer Saying

We both sisters used to think there is no hydration required in teenagers but then we consulted Dr. Nidhi for the dullness of our skin, she counseled us to use acne calm daily and since then our skin is always glowing and happy

Samriddhi and Niyati

Due to stress and hormonal disturbance, my skin was kept too dry, Dr. Nidhi recommended using shine &most daily and twice a day and I feel a lot better, I even use it before my makeup.


I’m so fond of makeup but these compressed powders used to give me milia, Dr. Nidhi advised me to avoid the concealers and compact powders and now I’m using this tinted sunscreen – Able sun, I feel so nice every day. try once and you will be addicted to it .


My skin is very sensitive and I could never use any vitamin c or any other retinol for the night to keep it rejuvenated but then I found heal & nourish and this is the best night cream for sensitive skin to keep well nourished. Thanks to Dr. Nidhi.

Priya Sharma

Due to stress and hormonal disturbance, my skin was kept too dry, Dr. Nidhi recommended using shine and most daily and twice a day and I feel a lot better, I even use it before my makeup.

Sunidhi Sharma

I was very much disturbed with severe acne on my face for the last 2 years and my skin was excessively dry due to the use of antibiotics and anti-acne gels, then Dr. Nidhi recommended acne calm lotion which repaired my skin every day and I came out of the dryness phase, this lotion has made my skin so smooth and nice because she explained to me that a lot of inflammation due to acne make sour skin dull. So acne calm is all watery based and non-sticky so I love using it daily and I recommend it to all teenage boys and girls and people with oily skin.

Riya Arora

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